Top 5 Fashion Trends You Have to Know From the 2012 Oscars fashion.

For Award Shows that are all concerning to the arts, there whole attention based on fashion, that’s why trending the fashion trends marked on the Oscar red carpet is so essential in the world of fashion.


Here are the 5 fashion trends that we marked throughout the week Academy Awards red carpet fashion 2012.

1-The ruby red Lips fashion.

There is somewhat so typical about a red lips fashion on a red carpet fashion runway. When matching with a neutral or gloomy coloured fashion dress, the red lips able to take a red carpet fashion look. This year the E! News host Giuliana matching red lips with her gorgeous Ward Couture fashion gown for the latest fashion look that was a red carpet succeed. Also sporting the red lips was Rooney Mara. This is an ideal illustration of how an explosion of colour from a red lips fashion can adjust the dynamic of a complete look. Other wearers of the red lips on the red carpet fashion award show included Angelina Jolie and Mila Jovovich.

2-Black, White and Red fashion.


Red, blue and white is a maritime trio saves for the festival of freedom, all the red, white and black fashion gowns served as a festival of the Oscars fashion this week. Emma Stone, Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams were three fashion trendsetters’ celebrities that pulled from the red range of fashion, while Angelina Jolie, Tina Fey, and Anna Farris went with changeless black as their color of fashion and selection. The ladies in white color fashion, though, were the real contender; rock the attendance of all light in dramatic white fashion gowns. Gwyneth Paltrow, Giuliana, Rooney Mara and Octavia Spencer all productively rock the color of the night not including looking like refuse brides.

3-Short Haircuts fashion trend.

First, from this, the Oscars used to be all about the fashion of the ideal updo, but in this week fashion, the power of the short Haircuts fashion was winning. Michelle Williams stays true to her gorgeous fairy hair cut and Rooney Mara rock short bangs with a small twist, Viola Davis wore her innate hair with a hue of color.

4-Long Sleeves fashion trend.

While top at the red carpet fashion for E!, Fashion Police associate Kelly Osbourne mention that she thinks that long sleeved dresses were set aside for elder women’ fashion. But after seeing a number of the red carpet dresses fashion there is no doubt that Joan Rivers will prove Kelly was incorrect. From pure sleeves to full exposure, Jennifer Lopez, Bérénice Bejo and Shailene Woodley all covered up their arms on the red carpet fashion with full sleeves fashion trend.

5-Girlie Pastels fashion.

Girlie Pastels this one might have been a tiny subtler to observe cool, but in this Oscars fashion Melissa McCarthy, Bérénice Bejo, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Mara all don magic colored fashion gowns in cute neutral pinks, greens and blues. Oscar fashion and dresses from the spring fashion runways forecast fashion trends, so keep in mind when you are making your spring fashion inspiration!…

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