We’ve seen a number of attractive fashion looks this year and pretty a few transitions. We saw Beyonce go dumpy and retro fashion in her countdown video, Gaga with a few attractive headgear between other mark fashion trends she’s set this year and a series of other fresh looks from our favourite stars. But how a lot of these 2011 fashion trends should be accepted on into this year?

Sleek & Straight:

We’ve seen Talyor Swift trying her gorgeous wavy locks but this year it was energizing to see her with silky straight fashion hair with a cute bang. This is absolutely a look Taylor should bring into the New Year. It’s a youthful, new and very lofty trend.

Well-matched look:

We’re habitual to seeing the Situation with tops, informal jeans, baseball hats and average street style but having sealed a contract to approve a different this year he suited and booted up with the genuine class. A great style look we’d like to see in 2012.

Fresh Face:

Sammi should go for extra of a usual look. I think she should trough the russet, deep eye make-up and fabulous dark fashion hair because obviously she’s got it going on exclusive of any of that.

Little & Fun:

Beyonce’s retro hairstyle in her Countdown video was wonderful and extreme in contrast to the funky big hair she typically has. This short fashion gaze would be great for the new mummy in 2012.


Gaga has with no hesitation been seen in some attractive fashion garments this year. She’s constantly mixing this up and shifting her characters through her fashion and dealings. She’s most likely got a complete line up of fresh looks for the New Year but I think we’re going to see extra metal from Gaga.…

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