Oklahoma City’s Top 5 Dispensaries

The windy city of Oklahoma isn’t just famous for its tornadoes and ice storms; it’s also famous for a couple of dispensaries that pull customers back to it. Ever since there was a legal weed in Oklahoma, dispensaries have been fighting for the top spot.

There have been a lot of opinions but the best ones remain the same. In this article, we’re going to reveal which one’s are the best. Prepare the money because you might just dash out when you find one that’s super near you.


The Peak Plaza

Come on, as if this is something new to you. This dispensary is definitely known for having some of the best products in the state and people can attest to that.

If you look this up, you can see that a lot of people have given it five stars and that’s not surprising at all. This dispensary boasts its state-of-the-art facilities. The technology used is sure to be one of the latest ones and definitely contributes to how good their products are.

In terms of their products, all are grown organically and grown within the state. Not only that, people keep coming back to this place because they have a wide selection of products. They have flowers, concentrates, edibles, extracts, or just about anything you can think of.

The budtenders in this dispensary are also very accommodating to help you find the best product for you. Whether it’s for a certain condition or based on your personal preferences, budtenders are knowledgeable enough to direct you to products that will soon become your all-time faves.

This is definitely a one-stop-shop that customers highly appreciate. If you want to know more about this website, just simply visit their website here.


Another five star dispensary is Strain. What’s great about this dispensary is that it always seems to have something new boiling every year. Just like this year’s 420, it rolled out 10 new strains, completely brand new. Talk about awesome, right?

Having 4.6 stars on Leafly, this dispensary does its customers justice for the long queues. The staff are friendly and the products are out-of-this-world. It’s definitely not surprising that people keep coming back.
The dispensary offers a wide variety of products. From edibles to concentrates to even cartridges and accessories. If that selection doesn’t excite, then what will? With over 110 products, you’re bound to pick your future favorites.

Visit this dispensary if you want quality service and quality products, not to mention affordable.

Green Roots Wellness

Regardless of whether you’re asking the veterans or the newbies, this dispensary will most likely roll out of their tongues.

Let’s start with their flower. Their flowers aren’t just good quality, they’re also far more affordable than the ones sold in other dispensaries. Lots of patrons can really attest that the flower sold in this place can’t be beaten by any other. They’re also quite big if you’re really looking into it.

If you’re a first-time customer, they’ll give you a free pre-roll just because! But for those who are starting to become loyal customers, their pre-rolls are definitely affordable. Cartridges are also of good quality.
What makes this place a top destination is that the prices already include taxes. So if you don’t like much math and you’re looking for quality but affordable products, this is the place to be.


Elysium Industries

Here’s one of the dispensaries that’s been getting lots of spotlight recently and you can’t miss why. It’s recommended by a lot of people who are just looking for chill places.

The flower they sell is some of the most popular, without a doubt. The edibles they sell are top notch and one of the main reasons why customers keep coming back. From the smell to effects, people are going crazy because they’re definitely potent.

Let’s not forget about their famous Candyland strain. It’s definitely the best source for that specific strain and people are just crazy about it. The budtenders would recommend you pressing the strain before taking it home.

Be sure to pay this dispensary a visit! Bring lots of cash because you definitely don’t want to leave empty-handed. Make sure to get some of that Candyland, too.

Urban Wellness

This place is definitely known for the best customer service in the area. It’s probably the reason why people love this place so much.

It’s perfect for newbies who need a little bit of help finding the right strains or product to use. The staff are knowledgeable but won’t be too intimidating to stop you from asking the necessary questions. Feel free to pop ones when they bother you.

The store’s also pretty professional-looking for its interiors. The prices are highly satisfactory and the portions won’t disappoint. The dispensary offers a lot of products ranging from flower to topics. Don’t worry about losing options because there are 300 different products in the store.

Now that you have a full list of marijuana dispensaries, it’s time you head out and buy yourself some good weed. Go to the one that best fits your criteria and gets their bestseller. Just be sure to bring enough to be satisfied.…

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